About Jim Fuhrmann

I am an award-winning real estate and event photographer, and an accomplished IT professional based in West Hartford, Connecticut. My background and experience includes 15+ years professionally photographing residential and commercial real estate in CT; 6+ years professionally photographing events and galas; 10+ years designing and developing search engine optimized websites; and 25+ years providing IT support & consulting services for small to midsize businesses (SMBs) and Fortune 500 companies.

You can learn more about me and view my work by browsing this website and by Googling my name. You will find my professional profile on LinkedIn and personal profile on Twitter, but don't be surprised to learn that I rarely ever log into these social media platforms. Why? Because I am deeply focused on delivering real value to my clients, staying productive, and advancing my skills.

The TEDx/TED/informational videos below provide insight into my views on social media in general. To summarize based on the information in the videos and my own analysis of published studies and well-documented research, I view social media as nonessential digital distractions which lead to decreased productivity and increased levels of stress and anxiety (cause-and-effect). For these reasons, I am not an advocate of using social media for personal or business use. In fact, I do not have (and have never had) a Facebook profile as I value my time, productivity, and face-to-face interactions.


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