Cons of Using Matterport for Selling Residential Real Estate

Are you a residential real estate agent? Thinking about using Matterport 3D and VR Tours to help sell your listings and win new listings? Are you a home seller / homeowner? Thinking about using a Matterport 3D and VR Tour to help sell your home? I’ve listed below some points to consider when deciding whether or not to use this technology.

For Agents and Sellers

  1. Matterport VR Tours do not rank as high in the search engines as well-produced photo tour videos or video walkthroughs posted to YouTube do, or as single-property websites with professional photography and embedded YouTube videos do.
  2. Matterport VR Tours do not capture buyers’ emotions as well-produced photo tour videos or video walkthroughs do.

For Agents

  1. Real estate photographers / Matterport Service Partners will eventually have to increase their prices once their true costs (and real efforts) to scan a home are fully realized. The problem for Agents long-term then becomes one of explaining to prospective sellers why they no longer offer Matterport 3D and VR Tours.

For Sellers

  1. Using a Matterport VR Tour to help sell your home could be a personal safety and security risk for you and your family. Criminals, burglars, and home intruders will know the complete and exact layout of your home and determine points of entries and exits to your home. They will also be able to determine the locations of any security cameras and security features of your home, and they will be able to map out a plan for a rapid break-in and home invasion.

For Agents and Photographers

  1. Matterport VR Tours cannot be edited.
  2. Matterport VR Tours are proprietary and have to be hosted with Matterport for a monthly fee. Monthly hosting plans start at $49/mo. and go upwards of $149+/mo.
  3. Matterport VR Tours uploaded to Matterport servers cost $19-$29 each (processing fee).
  4. Matterport VR Cameras cost over $2,400 for the low-end version. The mid-range Matterport VR Camera costs over $3,300.
  5. Matterport VR Cameras cannot produce the same high quality images that a DSLR camera can.
  6. Matterport VR Cameras have difficulty photographing exteriors / outdoors.

Bottom Line

Looking beyond the wow factor of this technology and considering the points listed above, paying for a Matterport 3D and VR Tour is not the best use of a listings marketing budget. Most important of the points listed above, there is a security risk to home sellers / homeowners associated with using this invasive technology in their homes, which is not even proven to be any more effective in selling homes than traditional interactive 360º virtual property tours. Lastly, Matterport is cost prohibitive for most residential real estate photographers, and factoring in the costs listed above, it could take dozens of paid photo shoots before photographers recoup their costs and start to see a minimal ROI. An Apple iPad is needed to control the Matterport VR Camera and to scan each home, so photographers will need to tack on another two or more paid photo shoots before they recoup their costs and start to see a minimal ROI. By that time, photographers will have already put a lot of mileage on their Matterport VR Cameras. There are industries where Matterport 3D and VR Tours can be an effective tool to explore places and spaces — such as travel, hospitality, retail, construction, and commercial real estate.

I’ve only listed the cons of using Matterport to help sell residential real estate in this article as they far outweigh and outnumber any perceived benefits of using this technology for selling residential real estate. The points I have outlined in this article are the reasons why I do not offer Matterport 3D and VR Tours, and why I do not recommend it for homeowners and residential real estate photographers. I will continue to offer traditional interactive 360º virtual property tours (360º panoramas) and video walkthroughs for residential real estate simply because they offer better image quality, they are able to capture buyers’ emotions more effectively, and they are much less invasive to homeowners.

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